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- 2016 - Year -

ADCP quality control

OTGA Training- ADCP quality control

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Weihai, China


- 2014 - Year -

DBCP-30:Thirtieth Session of the Data Buoy Cooperation Panel/JTA-34:34th Session of the Argos Joint Ta...

The S&T Workshop and DBCP-30 /JTA-34 will be organized the DBCP and hosted by the WMO-IOC Regional Marine Instrument Centre (RMIC) for the Asia Pacific region (RMIC/AP), which is operated by the SOA National Center of Ocean Standards and

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Weihai, China

21-23 OCT

- 2014 - Year -

The Fourth JCOMM Marine Instrument Workshop for the ASIA-PACIFIC region

Following the successful outcome of last three JCOMM Marine Instrument Workshop, organized by RMIC/AP from 2011 to 2013 (see JCOMM Meeting Reports No.87,95 and 108), the Fourth JCOMM Marine Instrument Workshop for the ASIA-PACIFIC

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- 2014 - Year -

2014Pilot Project for the Intercomparison of Seawater Salinity Measurements

Seawater salinity is one of the key parameters observed in the ocean by the marine meteorological and oceanographic community. The accuracy of salinity measurements is essential to many applications, including marine scientific

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